Harouna is the technical manager at X-Wind where his responsibility is to implement the innovative projects successfully. After his vocational training as a mechatronics engineer, he studied mechanical engineering and graduated in 1988 as Dipl.- Ing. FH from Ingenieur-Hochschule-Berlin. Afterwards, he worked as a development technologist in the vehicle production. From 1989, after moving to Berlin West, he was successfully involved in various projects (solar, wind, passive energy saving) as a technologist, designer and project manager since the very beginning of "renewable energies". In 2010 he joined NTS as project manager plant design and was responsible for the mechanical implementation. As a father of a son, sustainable environmental protection is a special concern for him. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, horseback riding and development.

Ertu joined Uwe to develop X-Wind as COO. More than 20 years as a partner alongside of Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarz-Schilling, a former German Minister for Post and Telecommunications, Ertu has earned entrpreneural mindset from scratch. He enjoys the analysis of companies’ challenges in their corporate and financial development and evolves strategies when working with company owners and their management. Ertu creates and utilizes networks to guide clients into emerging markets and into China. Considering local business circumstances, regulations and players Ertu has led numerous tech companies successfully into their target markets in Europe, Africa, Middle-East and Asia. He resides in Bavaria with his family. He studied Economics in Constance and in Bonn with a concentration on Game Theory.

Uwe is the CEO of X-Wind Powerplants. He is a creative full-blooded entrepreneur who thinks outside the box. His passion in the glider to look at the world from a different perspective led him to study lightweight construction technology at the TU Berlin. Uwe developed artificial joints for humans, founded his first company in 1989 to market his patents and placed his company successfully on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 1999 and switched to the company's supervisory board from his CEO position in 2005. With less operational tasks, he was soon mandated by his daughters to invent an affordable renewable energy source. He then founded X-Wind Powerplants and developed a great enrgy producing technology. Born in Lower Saxony, he now lives in Berlin.


Uwe Ahrens

Ertu Taner

Harouna Reichelt